This is a charitable organization established and operating in Boyarka that unites fellow countrymen for good deeds. The Foundation gradually unites the Boyarka community and promotes its development by uniting the maximum number of its active members and supporting relevant and socially useful initiatives.
Projects of the Foundation:
– “Wave of Changes” is implemented within the framework of the well-known project “Strengthening Ukrainian Community Foundations” and aims to increase the effectiveness of community initiatives within the community by training local activists in the basics of advocacy.
– “Development and Growth” – the project aims to improve the ability to significantly affect the quality of life in the Boyarka community.
– “Insulation of the Social and Psychological Center” – the project was aimed at installing modern and energy-saving windows in the local social and psychological center and was supported by GlobalGiving (USA).
– Climate and Environment – aimed at promoting rapid resolution of local environmental problems, environmental education, environmental protection, active waste collection and sorting, and disposal of existing hazardous waste.