The foundation was established in 2003 by local activists of non-governmental organizations and socially responsible businessmen. Over the years, the foundation has implemented a number of humanitarian and social local projects aimed at addressing the acute needs of citizens and challenges, such as support for cultural events, social support for certain categories of residents, COVID, war, etc.

The Foundation operates in terms of raising financial resources in two areas

– systemic philanthropy, which addresses urgent issues of support for socially vulnerable categories of citizens (ongoing assistance to social, medical, educational and cultural institutions that do not receive adequate state funding

– support and stimulation of civil society development through regular information and training events for local non-governmental organizations, active participation in social and democratic processes;

The ZAKHYST Community Foundation raises funds in three areas: donations from local businesses, participation of civil society organizations, and grants from international donors.

The experience of the Kherson foundation will definitely be useful for other communities in Ukraine to learn from and adopt.

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