This training manual on the financial policy of amalgamated territorial communities in Ukraine examines various aspects of the formation and functioning of amalgamated territorial communities, as well as financial policy in the context of their development.

The main theses and ideas that can be distinguished from this manual are:

  1. The need to amalgamate territorial communities in the context of decentralization.
  2. Organization and functioning of the system of local self-government of the amalgamated territorial communities.
  3. Strategic planning of the development of united territorial communities.
  4. Basic principles of cooperation between united territorial communities and non-governmental organizations.
  5. Financial management in non-governmental organizations.

The manual also defines the prerequisites for the amalgamation of territorial communities in the process of decentralization, ways of organizing and functioning of local self-government in amalgamated territorial communities, how to conduct strategic planning for the future development of territorial communities, their financial policy (types, functions and ways of implementation), what constitutes the financial resources of territorial communities and the regulatory and legal support of local taxes.

The manual contains information on the mechanisms of decision-making by amalgamated territorial communities in the field of finance, what is the financial capacity of amalgamated territorial communities, its indicators and ways to improve it. Separately, the article discusses fundraising as an additional tool for community development, its forms and essence.

Conclusions that can be drawn from the manual:

– Financial policy plays an important role in the development of amalgamated territorial communities.

– Cooperation with non-governmental organizations has its own peculiarities and requires a special approach.

– Effective financial management is important for the sustainable development of amalgamated communities.

This document is an important research material for understanding financial policy and management in the context of the development of amalgamated territorial communities in Ukraine.

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