The Internet portal is dedicated to representing the national network for the development of regional philanthropy, a coalition of charitable organizations from all over Ukraine. The site actively promotes local philanthropy and its development, activation of volunteering and all kinds of initiatives aimed at supporting local communities. It constantly provides up-to-date information on various projects and programs, including humanitarian aid, active involvement of Ukrainian youth and support of Ukrainian NGOs. The portal also has sections on grants, regular tenders and the latest news related to its activities aimed at activating residents and supporting community initiatives in various communities in Ukraine.

The National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy has already managed to unite many community foundations in Ukraine to continuously develop local philanthropy and actively engage local residents and support urgent community initiatives.

Community foundations are mostly non-governmental charitable organizations that aim to improve the quality of life in the communities in which they operate. It is community foundations that research and identify pressing local needs, constantly encourage charitable donations, and gradually accumulate funds that are used to provide grants or implement local initiatives to effectively address existing socially important local problems.

The mission of the portal is to develop social capital and promote a culture of philanthropy that stimulates sustainable community development in our country.

The platform provides the following services for network members:

– Capacity building & care – organization and holding of competitions for grants, thematic trainings for employees of community foundations and youth initiative banks, comprehensive assistance in sharing the existing experience accumulated by various community foundations and local youth initiative banks

– creation and content of the “Resource Hub” – an online hub with relevant and competent information, as well as a list of useful resources for the effective operation of community foundations;

– Relevant communications: regular coverage of the work of Ukrainian community foundations and Youth Initiative Banks in the media, social networks, thematic events, etc;

– financing: conducting regranting for the implementation of local projects of community foundations and youth initiative banks, regular negotiations to establish warm partnerships with local businesses, constant search for potential donors and financing of the most relevant projects of community foundations.

– Advocacy: Implementation of a national advocacy strategy to protect and defend the interests of local foundations, ongoing training of employees of these foundations in advocacy to develop relevant skills. Creation of niche platforms where community foundations’ employees will have the opportunity to declare their advocacy “priorities”;

– Creating favorable conditions for the development of local philanthropy: continuous promotion and stimulation of socially responsible entrepreneurship in communities through training and grant competitions, support for community centers that will provide a favorable space for effective communication between local businesses, residents and authorities;