The International Renaissance Foundation was founded in 1990 to develop an open society in Ukraine, support the activity and openness of civil society to change in Ukraine, promote equality, justice, transparency and accountability.

Over the years, the Foundation has undergone many transformations, gradually changing its goals, strategy and priorities in unison with the needs of civil society in Ukraine. The Foundation is constantly implementing a number of programs:

– Democracy and Good Governance (helping to preserve sustainable democracy in Ukraine and promoting transparency and accountability of Ukrainian self-government);

– Human rights and justice (to help bring Russia to justice for its crimes of war, to continue justice sector reforms and to protect fundamental freedoms in Ukraine);

– Social capital (building and strengthening communities that an open society relies on, creating the preconditions for ongoing public dialogue and cohesion based on democratic values);

The foundation also holds relevant competitions (such as “Promoting the development and use of forms of public participation at the local and regional levels”, “Scholarships for video bloggers that contribute to strengthening Ukrainian identity”, etc.)

The Foundation supports grantees’ projects under certain conditions, which can be found on the website: