V. Zhuk and Z. O. Siryk in their article consider the investment potential of territorial communities, focusing on its definition, structure and management. The author analyzes the concept of “investment potential” specifically for territorial communities, examines the factors that directly affect the investment potential and mechanisms for managing it (local financing, external borrowing, grants, funding by local communities, etc.) The author discusses the administrative-territorial reform in Ukraine, which was aimed at strengthening the financial autonomy of communities. decentralization is also considered and how it is intended to transform local governance. Various scientific definitions and approaches to understanding the essence and texture of investment potential are considered. and development of investment potential at the local level.

The components of investment potential are defined as natural resources, human resources, economic base (local conditions and infrastructure), and administrative potential of communities (favorable local governance).

As a result, the strategic importance of developing and competently managing investment potential for the gradual growth of territorial communities is emphasized.

The document comprehensively explores how territorial communities in our country can effectively optimize their resources and management to attract and manage investments efficiently. It contains a detailed theoretical framework, as well as practical recommendations for overcoming existing challenges and strategies for developing investment potential at the local level.