An excellent manual that will help you quickly understand the rules and regulations of the current legislation of Ukraine that govern the principles, organization and conduct of financial activities of local governments. The principles and approaches recommended by the team of authors to improve the efficiency of financial management in the regions and at the local level have been harmoniously combined with the urgent tasks of the Public Finance Management Reform Strategy and adapted for possible use at the basic level of management.

The manual provides a step-by-step and concrete methodology supported by existing practical solutions. This methodology will be of interest to local government officials, activists, and civic leaders. The materials in the manual can serve as a good basis for improving the local innovation and investment potential of communities in building an effective and transparent system of financial resource management at the local level, which is the key to achieving rapid socio-economic development. The manual contains six parts:

  1. “Concept of financial activities of local self-government bodies in ATCs and assessment of their state”;
  2. “Model for improving the efficiency of distribution and use of financial resources in amalgamated territorial communities;
  3. “Model of effective revenue policy of local self-government bodies of the amalgamated territorial community”.
  4. Model IV “Model of attracting additional financial resources and investments for the implementation of development projects in the amalgamated territorial community”.
  5. Module V “Model of a transparent and accountable system of financial and communal property management in amalgamated territorial communities”;
  6. “Model for Implementing a Gender-Oriented Approach in the Budget Process at the Local Level”.