The authors of the study, Inna Tomashuk and Ivan Tomashuk, review and analyze the strategic elements of the development of territorial communities in the field of innovation. Attention is drawn to citizens as the main stimulant of financial and economic activity of any community, and a factor that shapes

the prospects for local economic and social transformations (progress), which directly depends on the development of entrepreneurship, which in turn is determined by the favorable business climate, expectations and stability of the business environment. Entrepreneurship is defined as the basis and the main source and participant of positive changes in communities.

The authors emphasize that one of the indicators of the standard of living of residents in general is the availability of good conditions for the development of entrepreneurship.

The article also examines the general principles and approaches to the strategic foundations of the socio-economic development of Ukrainian territorial communities, while

specific, relevant, measurable and achievable goals are identified, which are reflected in the desire of communities for their development.

The basic aspects of community innovation strategies are highlighted, which are based on the formation of an adequate and understandable innovation infrastructure that can actively promote and stimulate the creation of various business incubators, technology parks, round tables between business, research institutions and higher education institutions.

An effective model for managing the strategic development of a territorial community is proposed, including an appropriate SWOT analysis (the purpose of which is to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of communities, their potentials, opportunities and risks.

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